Fashion flounced bride wedding dress

In addition to the nude color, perspective, spring and summer 2013 fashion show set off a new fashion trend, it is romantic lotus leaf elements. Whirling Dancer flouncing not only swept the 2013 spring and summer fashion show in the major brands spring and summer wedding series has been widely used, such as the Whirling Dancer flounced skirt at the neckline, chest application, so that season full of innocent bride, romantic atmosphere.

Wedding get their inspiration from the romantic cherry blossoms. Flounced neckline with simple skirt dotted cherry shape of flower lace, as if with the spring breeze gently fluttering, really endless romance.

Ivory stripes flouncing princess dress wedding dress, classic sweetheart neckline, match a taupe silk sash belt to create a mature, elegant yet playful, cute metropolitan bride.

Light purple color flounced chiffon wedding dress, light chiffon material, perfectly demonstrate the lightness of lotus leaf, elegant, such as “Alice in Wonderland” filling the retro and dreamy charm.

Cross straps halter design to expose beautiful bride figure curve, white chiffon flounced skirt drag, sexy bride showing fresh and pretty temperament.

Several ultra-creative wedding game

The game Topic: red sedan chair

The first asked the co-operation of two brothers dress up as a sedan chair, then sat on it by the groom to the guests to collect five different greetings, and then return to the main table.

The best provisions of the sister group to do by the brother of one high and one low sedan chair.

Increase the difficulty and interesting, the way the best supervised groom sitting, to prevent cheating.

Game reviews:

Used to play a childhood game, reminiscent of the unforgettable childhood.

The theme of the game: thick and thin
Prepare a pair of rings, and pre-placed the refrigerator frozen into a square ice particles.
The beginning of the game, first remove these ice particles, and then coated with honey and pepper.

Provisions of the couple can only use the mouth to dissolve the ice particles, then took out the ring and put it on each other’s fingers, in front of everybody and say: “I love you!”
Do not put ice cold too much, otherwise the game will not be able to proceed normally.

Game reviews:
Almost French kissing to complete the game under the watchful eyes must set off the climax of the wedding.
The theme of the game: pull the bride
Things and piece of paper, for example, a tied with a red ribbon tied to a plantain (paper states one of the brothers of the groom to the first time to eat it). Then tied things at one end into the bridal room, the other end to pull out the hall to the groom pull the bridegroom shall be taken according to the instructions on the paper did so.
The rope should be long enough to have a good time Oh!

Game reviews:
Play this game suitable on the latter point, the sister group can pretend to say the groom play so hard intentioned ribbon to him, and said one of which is tied to the bride’s pull, do not play with the game, You can also immediately picked up the bride, of course, he will not pull the.
Theme of the game: the love in my heart, sweet in the mouth
Sister group, first prepare a spittoon (spittoon is brand new and has been sterilized, rest assured that the groom and brothers!)
And then several peeling bananas, to each banana can be divided into 3 to 4 above, and putting it into the spittoon, coupled with the peanut butter and mix well.
The groom and brothers group put all spittoon banana eating, before entering the bridal chamber.
If you need to add the chocolate sauce would be more effective, and sweet taste.
Game reviews:
Although this game is a bit sick, but really the best way to test the groom oh.

Wedding how to save money -20 secret trick to teach you

Pre-wedding preparations articles:

A circle of friends, by wedding car

If your friend does not have so many cars, you can also ask them for their friends by.

2 to the flower market flowers

If you need a lot of flowers, you can two days in advance to buy back on the cold storage room.

3 friends to ceremony

So you not only save money master of ceremonies, and also avoid the monotony of cliches.

4 own a road map

Refer to the map of the city, the ceremony venues and wedding venue roadmap marked out as accurately as possible.

Relatives and friends for your camera

Now the family generally have cameras and digital video cameras can be good to take photos or photography friends to help, so that eliminates the need for a fee.

6. Written personally invitations

Invitations to write on it, do not have to spend money to hire someone to write, but be sure to write neatly.

Second, the wedding cake articles:

1 cake decorated with flowers

Sugar flowers flowers more expensive than the price.

2 Select the budget cake

Luxury cake feast for the eyes, but will increase the expenses.
, Wedding venue decoration articles:

1. Wholesale store Shopping

Can save a lot of money to buy drinks and other small items in the wholesale stores.

To show up for decorations and gifts

If you buy a lot of businesses will naturally give you a discount.

3 reuse ceremony flowers

Flower ceremony again used to entertain guests, so that you save a sum of expenditure.

Choose seasonal flowers

Should be the flower of the season and greenhouse cultivation of flowers is as good-looking, but the price is much cheaper.

Fourth, wedding articles:

1 Select Winter Wedding

Winter is married off-season, businesses naturally will give you a discount.

(2) No cocktail party

Just 15 minutes to give the guests a lot of food and drinks, the overhead amazing.

Buffet dinner is not cost-effective

Buffet dinner waiter, but the restaurant offers cuisine is also a lot.

No dinner, choose a dessert wedding or cocktail party

Only prepared dessert and champagne entertain guests, to save a lot of expenses than ready for dinner. A cocktail party can also save you money.

5 full advantage of the ceremony and wedding venues

Something directly stored in these places, transported back and forth in order to save transportation costs.

5, Favor articles:

1 to produce their own in return

Optional store soap and practical, cheap, and easy to pack. Do it yourself, with a beautiful piece of tissue paper wrap up on it.

2 omitted the two sides exchanged gifts

This link can not you just give him the best gift.

Unique make a proposal

1, love Lucky Star

We’ve all had to fold paper cranes folded Lucky Star experience. But Lucky Star as a marriage proposal is very rare na! Tens of thousands of reason to worship her written on colored paper, folded into collections of Lucky, fill a glass bottle to her. After two people have free time, and she read the reason of the love that you wrote down. One day, like you inadvertently find out the sinking star package with the commitment of your love – wedding ring, opened it in front of her, say you want to say, she guarantees will think you are awesome!

2, the screen for the media

This is usually only the plot of the movie. You reluctantly agreed to accompany her to the latest release of the super blockbuster romance. Before the curtain of the movie, played only one line of subtitles piece: “Maya, you are willing to do to my wife?” While you will not because well-director of this film won the Academy Award, at least it will be as a romantic scene recorded in the cinema history of the hospital. ”

3, video table mind

Produced a videotape to propose to her very touched her heart, especially if you are able to watch the video with her. She will be happy to jump up immediately necessary and you go on their honeymoon …

4, air “blackmail”

A more open way is to use the opportunity to fly with you. You can request the captain by radio intercom system to convey your proposal to the side of his girlfriend. For example, you can ask the captain said: “We are flying over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and then nearly 40 minutes to reach the destination. Incidentally, Anna Lee can ask you if he was lucky enough to marry your wife.” in full view, I believe that you get only a “willing”, of course, landed safely.

5, high-speed road

Imagine she was driving home, the shoes on the front of billboard ads suddenly become “Tingting, will you marry me?” This will certainly be able to make your proposal more with less. Not only that, the vehicles coming and going will understand your mind, and wish you success. They also wish you Lulu Do not be too excited to hit the sign.

6, the culmination

If your girlfriend is a sport, you can after the day climbing, standing on the highest point of the mountain to propose to her. Other possible methods include: parachuting in the air, diving in the deep sea, and so on.

7, Radio teaser

If you know that every day at a fixed time, she would listen to a the fixed radio show, on-demand programming will be able to win her favor.

8 “evil lustful”

The ultimate way to marry lover should be in an ecstasy the osteoclasts during sex. If you are able to climax she indulge in the wonderful feeling when the requirements of marriage, it must attack all broken, war and all g. One that allows her body and spirit at the same time excited extreme man, how could she refuse, how can you forget?

9, love police

Of course, to do this some difficulty, it requires a real policeman with. However, when she drove by the police took him aside, and then receive a a courtship ticket “, it is a lot of new feelings.

10, Happy Birthday

Is also a good way to propose to her in her birthday. Another benefit is that to do so, she is likely not notice you forgot to bring her birthday present. Of course, a successful marriage proposal, to be done bride is the best birthday gift oh.

11, Moonlight Sonata

With your lover to the beach, swimming pool, for a good swimsuit you both enjoy the interpretation of the “Moonlight Sonata”.

12, Seaside Discourse

Beautiful and romantic sea creatures take advantage of the beautiful surroundings of the most romantic one way to pass your vows of love, scattered in the sea under the moonlight, you can put the wedding ring on the exquisite shells by the local indigenous children gave her, she will for your romantic mind sees touched.

13, electronic marry him

We live in the age of the Internet, so you must learn to use high-tech. So why not send her a the courtship mail with a big question mark?

14, the stadium song

Watch the game may not her favorite thing to do, but think about it, the rest of the pitch 15 minutes – 15 minutes happy with the stadium’s big screen, the entire stadium will see you kneeling in front of her. Allows thousands of people at the same time to see you love is not an easy task, but also will be able to let her never fail.

14, surprise Valentine’s Day

Since each Valentine’s Day Valentine’s cards, roses and chocolates, why not the next Valentine’s Day gave her greatest love – to propose to her?, And your girlfriend will not forget this festival lifelong. Do so only drawback is that in the next Valentine’s Day, it is hard to find gifts can be comparable with that gift.

The details of the wedding planning program determines wedding perfect index

Overall planning – choosing a wedding planner

What is a wedding planner? Have you seen starring Jennifer Lopez fell in love with the groom? Her in the play the role of a wedding planner (wedding planner), also known as wedding planning manager. In other countries, the wedding planning manager is a very noble profession, you need to have a lot of professional quality. For example: banquet service, flowers, site layout, image design services associated with the wedding a lot of knowledge. She wants for the new planning of the whole process and details of the wedding, to help newcomers to complete the wedding dream.

, Wedding companies in the country can find wedding planners, but their level of good and bad, you need to carefully screening and identification. Generally needed half a year to meet with the wedding planner, If you want well-prepared, of course, the sooner the better.

Insider information

When you are looking for a wedding planner, you need to ask the following:

His experience, including the length of time he engaged in wedding planning work, organized a total of how many times the wedding, wedding able to organize how many times a year.

2 is best to look at his previous planning a wedding video or photos.

Asked the customer service, listen to their views, so that you can be more objective understanding of his planning ability.

Cooperation with florists, photographers, band side for his organizational skills.

5 To confirm that he is not the other wedding service agents or recommended supplier, whether from an agency fee.

6. Examine his level of service: whether he is for your wedding writing time schedule can make timely and reasonable adjustments, whether he will take part in your wedding, whether he can do for you deal with wedding-related matters of contract negotiations and other things.

Help you save money

The overall planned expenditure accounted for 15% of the total of your wedding budget. More than their own planning an overhead, but the following two benefits: First, the planner has a wealth of experience in the wedding preparations, he knows how to arrange a wedding, he can be with you one-on-one service, so you get professional help;, he knew how to save money, help you bargain savings in other areas, the overall down many advantageous than your own planning.

The help of a wedding planner, you can save a lot of unnecessary trouble. Of course, you also need to do some specific work, for example, suggested some businesses and Planners interviews, decided some of the details of things.

Signed a contract

Your contract with the wedding planner should include: the date for a wedding planner to arrange every thing should bear the responsibility and the deadline for completion. The contract should be written on the pay itemized statement of principles and conditions of cancellation of the contract, should also be written on the alternative name of the person in case of emergency, please do not forget you and Planners Contact.
Fragrance wedding – select florists

You want to have a romantic wedding? Flowers, of course, can not be missed. Whether it is the bride’s bouquet, groom’s buttonhole flowers or ceremony area floral, floral food on the table, you need to florists design set according to your wedding color tone and the overall environment, so you have to choose a qualified florists.

The floral design is an emerging industry in the country, this general the domestic star hotel or office florist floral designers, flower market is generally not easy to find, but you can also ask to the owner of the flower market, They will also recommend to you a professional floral designers.

Insider information

Select florists should pay attention to:

View Floral Designers overseas institutions, such as: the Netherlands, Germany and Japan and other countries Floral authority certificate.

(2) professional floral designers will normally be provided a star hotel, placed flowers by the hotel, you can understand his design.

(3) whether his floral design fashion? Often involved in some fashion activities done flowers for the international brands of conference or specialty store design?

4 Look at the floral designer to show you a picture, make sure his picture is not a remake.

He did the wedding flower arrangement? If you have recently held wedding flowers by his design, you can go personally to observe.

See Florist style for your wedding, if not for you, although he promised to make technical changes, but there is a risk to let a professional feel free to change his design style, perfect is often difficult to change.

Asked him how assistants in preparation for a wedding with flowers, decorate the scene, whether before your wedding.

8 other objects included, such as: vases, flower, candle holders, florists does not provide, you have to rent elsewhere, which makes you the cost overruns.

9 requirements pattern design floral bouquet Centre. Note: This will spend more design fee, but well worth it.

Help you save money:

Through with florists exchanges, he will understand your wedding, you make wedding flower arrangement, and to provide you with professional help. For example: In the season of your wedding, choose what color flowers for your wedding? Which specific place to put what kind of flowers? Long time to spend in advance? Floral design fees and the cost of flowers you can be accounted for separately, and then commissioned florists buy flowers directly from the flower wholesale market, so you can achieve the best results with the least money.

Signed a contract:

The contract should include the name of the florists, specifying what time, what flowers delivered to and well furnished. Also stated some of the details, such as: the number of flowers, number of colors, varieties and types of floral, such as: bouquet, buttonhole flowers, walkways, floral, dining table floral and so on. Must also clearly allows alternative varieties in the case of first choice with flowers missing. In addition, the contract should also include the contact details of the remuneration itemized statement and cancel the contract principles, conditions, and you and florists.

Fancy spring and summer wedding dress Wizard playful

Do you want to break with tradition, he likes a little bit of retro elements? And the love knot a look at Fancy spring and summer wedding, absolutely give you a different feeling wizard. Sweet little cute, the absolute yet playful, breaking the popular wedding dress style, but also the most memorable for you to create moving pictures.

The Pompon round swing

Tutu with its unique romantic temperament, has been most of the bride’s preferred choice of wedding tutu lower demands on the body, suitable for all body types bride. Fancy 2011 in the original tutu design retro atmosphere, classic style to convey a sense of playful, more performance out of the girl’s sweet, romantic, pure …

Princess tutu wedding, retro gorgeous. Ornate decoration, highlighting the neckline unilateral wedding luxurious atmosphere, thin belt the design refinements waist, elongated bride leg line.

The elegant sleeveless round neck pure white satin wedding dress, suitable temperament like unique and artistic bride. With a fine pearl necklace, headdress to create personalized eye-catching styling. White wide-brimmed sandals and overall a perfect echo.

Modern special dress style suit vest upper body design, but unexpectedly fluffy gauze skirt together with the lower body, capable at the same time full of romantic atmosphere.

Upper body waist type version shape of the female curves are convex, lower body design outward expansion. Skirt in satin covered by gauze pattern of small dots, with a lovely and chic fabrics.
Playful knee

Skirt to the knee up and down, the overall feeling quite light and lovely, suitable for a more relaxed style outdoor wedding or after party wearing. Show the bride dynamic at the same time, to show beautiful leg curve, which is a beautiful wedding shoes to show their presence a great opportunity.

Girl feeling short paragraph tutu. The expansion skirt the bride and slim waist to form just the right contrast. Demonstrate the perfect leg line knee-length, as well as gentle and lovely decorative bow embellishment at the waist.

Full lace design, slim fit, both can do the wedding dress that can be worn at the banquet style. Hollow, at the same time reflect the bride gentle temperament, looming between showing just the right amount of sexy.

Simple and elegant satin dress, by chic neckline design to attractive. Petite bride body modification Delicate has caused, luxurious yet playful, cute.
Lace collar

Light lace design the bride neckline, impressed by the beauty of the details, while allowing the upper body of the wedding is more layered and sense of design in a compact design. Fancy 2011 series more decorative use of fabric itself to accomplish in shape beautiful bride at the same time, show a more pure beauty.

The beige satin has a very strong drape, lace collar designed to bring out the bride charming temperament like flowers. Together with the same texture of the headdress, the overall rich retro British style.
With a large fold to create a lace collar and cuff links, so that the bride repeatedly being among the flowers, creating a rich romantic atmosphere. The skirt use of single-layer lace design, both to avoid complicated, and echoes and upper body.

Lace or openwork fabric wedding, and flower accessories, to create a pure bride like a young girl. Word shoulder design with beautiful lace, to highlight the beautiful bride and neck lines.

Early summer bride flowers wedding dress

Top 1 Brand: Yumi Katsura

Gui by the United States wedding dress has always been extravagant, exaggerated admiration by the bride, and flower design elements is the most wonderful place in the brand. The spherical skirt wrapped chest wedding dress profile shape, covered with plastic flowers skirt with exaggerated flowers headdress, you’re the envy of the Yumi Katsura bride.
Also from Gui by the United States wedding dress flowers elements, this noble satin to create a sense of luxury, the flowers are still decorated in an exaggerated the size of the skirt.
The Top2 Brand: white Bridal

White Bridal Salon is a one-stop wedding consultants, and agents of foreign big wedding dress, another choice for domestic bride to buy a big wedding. Two flowers wedding dress love knot Editor’s Choice from its agents Romona Keveza Collection Slim profile shape, studded with tiny tulle flowers, holy and refined.
Color wedding dress from last year, T stage, becoming the new choice of personalized bride, the Romona Keveza this Tiffany blue wedding dress, fishtail shaped profile showing off the bride’s graceful figure, fine flowers infinitely romantic.

The Top3 Brand: Lin Li Wedding Dress Design

The Linli Wedding Collection, wedding dress industry leader in Taiwan, was established in 1987 in Taipei, Shanghai in 2005 and the fitting shop stationed in Beijing in 2010. The contour of simple A-line wedding dress chest wrapped, fallen flowers dotted with champagne, white flowers appear.
Luxury romantic wedding dress flowers, wrapped chest set with diamonds highlight the gorgeous side of the skirt, echoing the noble spirit of the big flowers decorate.
Brand of Top4: Lander wedding dress

Lander wedding dress in Beijing 798 Art Center, not only design a beautiful wedding dress dress, but also in the design of the bride’s wedding dream. The above into fabric, weaving dream wedding dress. This short-sleeved lace stand-up collar wedding dress, it is necessary to maintain the Chinese charm, yet Western aesthetic, the waterfall flowers belt for waist a bright spot.
Unlike the previous paragraph, this wedding is still a Chinese style as inspiration, but with long-sleeved lace stand-up collar and fishtail skirt, elegant and noble and extraordinary.

Eve KING senior wedding dress

In Shanghai the first to introduce senior European custom shop operating philosophy international design team with senior technologist in store achievements of the best quality. From Italy, sets the most professional service, the highest quality fabrics and workmanship, the most comprehensive design customized services, the most luxurious private dressing space, many advantages in one of the high-grade wedding dress shop.
EVE KING wedding dress Recommended section:

Complex Gulei Si tailing

Custom Price: 13000 Lease Price: 4600

Style Features: This kind of wedding dress is one of a series of retro wedding, the design was inspired by the chic imported lace and elegant Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly, first his fine imported lace, not only graceful lines and dotted with lace numerous small transparent beads.
Go behind showing peacock tail-like radial tail, very beautiful. High waist design and Slim profile shape can greatly beautify the bride’s body proportions, can fit almost any elevated bride, retro lace 7 points sleeve design, not only dignified and elegant, and can to some extent on the block to the arm Some fat.
Gauze clouds skirt

Custom Price: 16000 Lease Price: 4800

Style Features: This kind of wedding dress in the design cleverly integrated into an international fashion trends, suitable for the pursuit of individuality, self-confident bride. The whole no fish bones or lined wedding, the bride’s body is a test, but wear out the effect of proven experience.
Entire skirt and trailing with 200 meters of imported yarn hand-sewn, like clouds like snow, showing a hazy beauty. The whole wedding looks grand, but through a special process skills, the actual very light, very easy to carry and wear.
Shoulder fishtail

Custom Price: 16800 Lease Price: 4600

Style Features: This section wedding design highlights the figure of the bride are convex and elegance, fishtail shape is just under the very popular style, it is equally certain requirements on the bride’s body.
Three-dimensional floral put on a large irregular design

Custom Price: 16800 Lease Price: 3800

Style Features: This kind of wedding fabric folding and irregular arrangement, showing a feeling of flowers, decorated in the upper part of the skirt, with under skirt gauze skirt on a material layering, wipe the chest three-dimensional modeling is vivid lively.
Short in front long perspective net veil placed

Custom Price: 5500 Rental price: 2200

Style Features: This kind of wedding dress is a short paragraph long section of the combination of style, looming very sexy leg line, three-dimensional embroidery lace highlight its unique atmosphere. Very suitable for summer bride wearing this wedding take out the effect will be very eye-catching.
Small Qingxinziran wind next door

Custom Price: 4800 Rental price: 1920

Style Features: This kind of wedding is to take a small fresh route, use of fabrics and details of the design in order to highlight the natural temperament of the bride, not stiff lines, there is no huge skirt, casual feeling, very suitable for lawn wedding , three-dimensional lace flower decoration, with lively and romantic feeling.

Disney elegant wedding dress

The Style1 elegant organza, to create Smart Mermaid

Disney’s most elegant wedding season, was undoubtedly the Little Mermaid Ariel this. Taffeta as a three-dimensional shoulder flower embellishment, Slim tight folds with soft gorgeous, Eugen veil placed side by side, frilly elements romantic innocent gift to the bride.

The Style2 gem embellishment wedding of Princess Jasmine Premium Selection

Disney fairy tale, is undoubtedly the most exotic jasmine princess jasmine stunning debut season she was a noble shining jewel embellishment wedding. Bright Bra dressed with a soft flash yarn, ethereal ivory white skirt like a dreamy haze Wonderland!

Style3 cascading ruching wedding to create stunning Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty dressed in a dreamy tulle skirt, fold decorative multi-level modeling stunning the season Disney wedding series. Exquisite embroidery lace, corset crystal beaded embellishment, so that the princess exudes a very beautiful atmosphere of love and affection, it is no wonder that the prince told her soft spot!

Style4 gorgeous satin wedding dress, to create dazzling Black Beauty

With a healthy complexion Tiana Princess Disney wedding master of design, turned the most personality and temperament beauty of the bride. Gorgeous satin with hazy, Eugen veil placed stitching, made her more confident temperament, flower-shaped folds add to the romantic atmosphere of the bride, the bride exudes a distinctive, romantic charm.
The domineering style5 pyramid wedding, build children born Princess

Cinderella season shape more luxury gas field, strapless embroidery bodice dotted with bright and beautiful crystal beads and sequins. Lower body the layered pyramid tulle skirt, the bride and the introduction of a dreamy fairy tale kingdom.

Style6 simple taffeta wedding, shaping princess natural charm

The long-haired Princess Rapunzel was born royal wedding style, is the season Disney series the most simple style. Asymmetrical design taffeta skirt, waist decorated with pearl crystal flower with natural temperament exposed gift bride affinity.

The hazy style7 tulle wedding to create pure princess children

Pure elegance of the Belle, the wedding season shape becomes more germinating hearts. Crystal beaded embellished corset, the misty clouds Wuban tulle shawl, skirt and pants embraced. The dotted fabric flowers in the hair headwear, gift to the bride’s lovely atmosphere.

The actual situation splicing style8 wedding, Snow White sweet Favorites

We moved, enduring love story of Snow White in the fairy tale also catch the wedding dress of Snow White deeply shocked. White fluffy tulle skirt, satin corset with beautiful stitching, Fact and Fiction, bride, gift sweet lady range of children.

The wedding dress check control single wedding countdown

Wedding Countdown: one week

• Last fitting. Carefully check each part to see if there are off-line, unfinished details in need of repair, time to do the final perfection.

Wedding countdown: one day

Prepare emergency kits

• wedding dress cover is removable, do the ironing.

• Polished soles (to prevent the the wedding slide), list all accessories.

Wedding countdown: wedding day

• Let a friend or bridesmaid to check the wedding dress, to see if there are loose folds or cable head.

• Do hair and makeup, put on pajamas or no hedging skirt. (It is best to wear white to avoid color)

• Mother or maid of honor, and other people to help you wear a wedding dress. Carefully cover my face, to prevent smudging makeup. Do not worry, do a good job to ensure that everything. Wear good shoes, back bags, wearing scarves and other jewelry.

• Do not hurry to the door. Around, back and forth in front of a full-length mirror and a good look at how beautiful.